Adoption, Part 3

Another day, another adoption. You know the drill already, here's what what was different about this one this time:

DVD drive!

Optiplex held in hand, optical drive visible
Not sure if it burns too, or just reads.

No HDD tray, so I'll need to either print one of those are see if I can hand one at work:

Optiplex with cover off, showing lack of HDD tray
I gave up on censoring the serial numbers, it's too much work.

Also, blue RAM

blue ram

Anyway, I POSTed to a clock error. Battery was 2.5v, which while low, shouldn't cause this error. Removing the battering and putting it back seemed to fix it though. No other issues with this one, besides the lack of HDD mount.

The tower grows...

tower of optiplexes, 3 tall