Dear Discord,

Go. Fuck. Yourself.

Today, you decided to kick off everyone who manually overrode your mobile UI update.

(Dear RR discord mods, for all intents and purposes, everything below is a lie and photoshopped)

For a long time, I used your stock app. You have finally pushed me to reinstall Enmity. I made a theme for it when I used it a long time ago. Shockingly, it still works! I’m very impressed with the backwards compatibility.

screenshot of Enmity, showing the Stealth theme installed
screenshot of a message in the Enmity Discord server, "Stealth  A sleek, dark theme, with hints of green.  OLED friendly". The message has 3 attachments, which are screenshots of the theme. The message was sent 05/10/2022
May 10th, 2022. It's been a while! My theme is the 24th theme ever made for Enmity!

Anyway, I’ve installed all my favorite client mods from desktop, and I’m pretty happy with it. The only major annoyance is the increased load time, but it’s worth the trade off. I’m not switching to the new UI. Stop trying.

If you want people to stop using modded clients, give people the ability to customize the app how they like it, and stop adding artificial barriers to shit. Stop locking clientside stuff behind Nitro. It costs you nothing to give to people.