Ghost, why are you like this?

In case you didn't know, this blog runs on a CMS (Content Management System) called Ghost. It is excellent software and exactly what I need, except for one tiny little detail. The Docker Image doesn't fucking work. Well, it sort of works, but in an even worse way. It allows you to set up the website perfectly, and then a day or two later, the whole thing resets. Any articles you wrote? Gone. But the data is still there! If you uploaded an image or theme, it's still in the volume!

The number of times that this has happened to me with my many attempts to use Ghost is astounding. Anyway, I think I solved the issue.

A screenshot from the official documentation, and there is an orange arrow pointing to the second half of the volume command, in which the volume location container-side is defined. The arrow is pointing to /var/lib/ghost/content.
Screenshot from the official docker image instructions

Just take this and turn it into /var/, simple as that. I think every update is fucking with the config files somewhere outside of that directory, and it's breaking things. If I'm wrong about this, you will find out because this post will disappear.

I think this is attempt number 7 or 8 of mine to make Ghost not explode.

Fun tangent, if you define the URL inside the env arguments as being HTTP, and serve the website over HTTPS, no errors or warnings appear, but a bunch of stuff secretly doesn't work. But, if you serve the page with Nginx Proxy Manager, you should have it serve over HTTP and have Nginx add its own cert. Because reasons.

Also I can't figure out how to integrate the Ghost webhooks with discord webhooks, but that's probably my fault.