My favorite Oculus product

I have a VR headset. A few, actually. Two of them are Oculus headsets, though the only one I actually use is a Valve Index. I'll probably write about the Index later, but today I'm going to talk about my favorite Oculus product.

I got my first Oculus headset for Christmas of 2019, if my memory serves me right. It was an Oculus Quest 1. Opening the box, you're greeted with this:

All contents of an oculus quest 1 box laid out on a table. Clockwise from top: Charging cable, Power Adapter, Regulatory manual, Controllers, Reference Guide, HMD, Glasses spacer
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What a beautiful sight. It's the greatest thing that Oculus ever made.

No, not the headset, silly!

The charging cable!

Oculus Quest charging cable

This is the greatest USB-C cable to ever exist. Look at that incredible 90º angle, while still being perfectly round until then.

It's very clearly inspired by the original MagSafe connector:

Original Magsafe connector, with pins angled towards viewer
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Here's a better angle:

closeup of oculus usb-c connector

It is by far my favorite cable to charge my MacBook with. I don't even use the Oculus headset anymore. It's also a GLORIOUS 3 meters long. Meta 🤮 currently sells the cable in a 2m variant on their website, but that's too short for me. I guess I'll need to scour eBay whenever this cable breaks, since my brother already broke the second cable I had, leaving me with the one I have left today.

The cable is only USB 2.0 speeds, but that's all I need. It can deliver power, which is what I'm really looking for. I've looked on Amazon for similar cables, but none of them are quite this slim, and ever since my MagSafe 3 cable wore out I've been using this cable quite a bit. It's super nice to use in bed when I'm up at 6am doing math homework on my iPad that should have been done the week prior. Having the cable at a 90º angle stops cable strain, and is more convenient in every possible way. If you know of a cable like this that's not bulky, thick, or flimsy, email me at

Also Tim Apple go fuck yourself, Magsafe is not worth $50 for a 2m cable

screenshot of apple store product page, USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable (2 m) - Silver $49.00 Color - Silver

Same goes for you, Mark Facebook. A 2m USB 2.0 cable has no business being $30, even if it has a nice 90º connector.

screenshot of meta product page, Meta Quest Pro Charge Cable [2m] $29.99 USD Uniquely designed two-meter long, USB-C cable is perfect for charging up your headset at home or away. Power adapter not included.