My IP address is

Yes, that's really it. If I go and search for "my IP", that's what shows up.

screenshot of DuckDuckGo, "Your IP address is in Van Nuys, California"
Sidenote: Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google. It's better.

You may be wondering to yourself, "is this girl a fucking idiot?", and I wouldn't blame you. Most people have heard a lot about other people getting hacked from their IP address, or their home address being found. These urban legends, as they often are, come from a grain of truth that has grown and mutated over time.

Your home router isn't going to route any incoming traffic to your computer, unless you've port forwarded. If you aren't sure if you have port forwarded, then you haven't. Even then, a vulnerable service would need to be listening to that port on your computer. This means that 99.99% of people at home aren't able to be hacked from their IP address. You're far more likely to be hacked by a phishing page or a malware download.

As for location, your IP address can only show the city in which a nearby internet exchange is located. The only entity which can find your actual address or city is your Internet Service Provider (ISP), usually something like Comcast (Xfinity), Spectrum, or AT&T. This, of course, also includes by extension anyone who can order your ISP to provide your address, namely the police or federal government using a warrant. If you notice above, you'll see that DuckDuckGo thinks I'm in Van Nuys, California. While I am in California, I am miles from Van Nuys.

Often, scammers and online trolls will threaten to leak your IP, which is why I put my IP in my bio on Discord, as well as other platforms, just so they can tell that I know better than to be scared of someone leaking my IP.

screenshot of discord profile, with orange arrow pointing to a line in the about me section, specifically the text "".
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