The Windows ZIP rant

Dear Bill Microsoft,
Windows is the worst operating system I have ever had the displeasure of using,
Best Regards,

Yesterday, I moved my machine learning environment from Mac to Windows, in hopes of converting it to TFjs. That did not work out very well. Part of that was transferring all my files, including training data, from my Mac to my Windows machine. At first, I tried using Dukto. It hasn't been updated in 9 years, and failed to work on ARM for sending. It seems to work for receiving, but I put the fault there on Mac. Honestly it's impressive that Rosetta can launch it at all.

I then switched to LocalSend, as that seemed popular and convenient. It froze after selecting a hundred thousand files. I wonder why. I ended up zipping the training data folder, making it 197MB. LocalSend made short work of that, especially over a gigabit network.

Finally, it was time to unzip the folder, this should be the easy part. I double clicked the ZIP. Explorer froze. Okay, maybe i'll relaunch and instead right click on the zip and click "Extract All..."

Now we're getting somewhere... very slowly. 17KB/s slowly. It is 2023, and I have a Ryzen 5 3600. I should not be unzipping a 200MB ZIP at 17KB/s. I cancelled the extract and switched to 7zip. As open source software usually goes, it was better in every way. I fact, it was so good that it was 100X faster, at 1.7MB/s. Guess what? That's still embarrassingly slow.

My Mac extracted the ZIP in 30 seconds flat, I timed it with a stopwatch.

Dear Bill Microsoft, you are a 3 trillion dollar company. Fix unzipping on Windows.