Back in the days of the unibody MacBook Pros, you know, the thick ones with optical drives, I was at an Apple Store. To protect my then-modern MacBook Pro, I got a LEVEL8 13" laptop bag, and it was the best fucking bag in the world. The padding inside the bag was just the right amount of protective to keep the laptop in one piece, without being so in-the-way that it made the bag annoying to use. There was also a nice secondary spot for chargers, adapters, and anything else you needed to carry with you. The zippers were enjoyable, sealing shut without a gap.

I used that thing at home in elementary school, and when I graduated to middle school, where we were no longer given a school-issued laptop, I brought that bag with me. It lasted all the way until my 12th-grade high school Calculus class, when the zipper finally gave out. I was sad, but hey, what can you expect after all these years? Looking at the Apple Store website showed no results. Amazon? Unavailable.

screenshot of Amazon, "LEVEL8 13"-15" Laptop Sleeves Case Tablet Cover Bag for Notebook, MacBook Air/Pro (Black), Currently unavailable."
Apparently I bought one of these on Amazon back in 2018, so I guess it broke or got lost at one point. Maybe not quite as durable as I remember.

The LEVEL8 website showed that they had rebranded as premium luggage company. Ugh.

screenshot of level8bags.com, "Happy WOMEN'S DAY Empower her travels and set her beauty free with Level 8 luggage, knowing on this special day, it's all about her."
"happy women's day" alongside "get this bag for her and her beauty" is some serious bullshit

So, where do I get another one of these bags? You never realize just how much you appreciate something until it's gone, and that applies to laptop bags just as much as it does to people. Off to eBay! Well nobody was selling that specific bag, but someone was selling a messenger bag by LEVEL8 that looked like an even better version of my handheld bag. One available.

screenshot of eBay order details, "1 Level8 Atlas Slim Case Shock Absorption Laptop iPad Black Bag $15.35 Zippered Pockets"
It was very well-packed, so I don't mind the expensive shipping!

One $33.86 purchase later, I had the bag in my hands. The previous owner kept very good care of it, and it was in excellent condition. Why would anyone even want to sell it in the first place?

Well whatever, I love it even more than I loved the handheld bag, and I use it as my only bag in college. I fear the day that it breaks. If you own one of these bags in good condition, I will buy it off you, just to have as backup for when this bag eventually breaks. Email me at blogcontact@9021007.xyz. I am serious. I cannot even find images of this shoulder bag online, and I am incredibly lucky to have randomly found it on eBay. I can only spot it on the Wayback Machine.

screenshot of the wayback machine, level8cases.com on 2013/5/30. Arrows point to the shoulder bag I have, the handbag I used to have, and the backpack still sold.
That, by the way, is a Flash Player box.

I was looking at the LEVEL8 website, and it looks like they still sell one product in the style of the bag I use. It's a backpack. I was considering buying it just in case they discontinue that too, but $130 for a backpack is more than I am willing to spend on a "just in case my current bag breaks", especially when I enjoy a shoulder bag much more than I do a backpack. I guess it could be nice to have, but it's really not something I'm willing shell out for unless I know for a fact that it's going out of stock.

screenshot of LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack product page, showing padding of laptop pocket

If it is discontinued, make sure to let me know so that I can pick up any remaining stock! I know that "they don't make 'em like they used to" is something only grandfathers utter, but it's true! No other bag I have tried or felt has even come close. If anyone reading this (somehow) works at LEVEL8, please let me know if you happen to have one of those shoulder bags back there, they're the most incredible bag I have used, ever.