Rudolph the yellow-nosed vehicle

"Oh won't you guide my drive tonight"

When I got my car (2022 Hyundai Kona), something interesting I noticed was a yellow light inside the front logo.

closeup of hyundai logo with yellow light
enjoy my terrible crop on this photo

The job of this light is to indicate that the main 400v EV battery is charging the the 12v accessory battery. This is just like an alternator charging the 12v battery on an ICE vehicle.

Hyundai made a YouTube video explaining it, but the title is the absolute worst. Do you really think that anyone puzzled with what the light means is going to look up "auxiliary battery saver"? I only found out what the light meant when I read the car's manual cover to cover, as most people do.

This would be all great and wonderful, if only the thing actually worked, I didn't drive my car for an entire month a while back, and the battery went flat. I had to jumpstart it, which took a shockingly long time. Even worse, you can't even jumpstart another vehicle's 12v battery with my car! I guess in theory you could charge it with the 120W accessory port, but that's not enough for a full start, just for a slow charge. There's no way to do a true jumpstart, which really sucks if you're trying to help someone who is stranded.

photo under hood of car