JSON is not a programming language


The person featured in this post gave their consent to their name being used... for some reason

screenshot of discord messages, 9021007 says "oh also, if i write a blog post about this, do you want me to censor your name?", Mr. Time says "do what ever u want bud"

This story begins in the Rec Room Discord server. Why is this not the first blog post I've made that begins there? Or the second?

Regardless, we begin here.

There is nothing notable about this message, except maybe their capitalization of "lol". (seriously, who does that?)

20 seconds later, this message appears.

screenshot of discord message, "im sure HTML is a coding language"

This message makes a bit more sense in the context of the user's bio.

screenshot of discord profile page, bio says "Creator of void time stop -- Batch , HTML,SQL,C++,python,rust,rubey. java,JSON,R

What a trainwreck of a profile. For those of you who have not played Rec Room, keep it up, but also it means that you don't know what "time stop" is. It's a way of cheating in the game, in which time appears frozen for you, and you appear frozen from the perspective of others. During that time, you can walk around and deal damage, and once the "time stop" is disabled, all the damage is inflicted at once. It's done by adding an artificial delay to the outgoing packets. Most people use a tool called clumsy. In theory, the program "Network Link Conditioner" inside of the Additional XCode Tools could work for Mac users, and perhaps even iPhones connected over Internet Sharing to said Mac.

All that is to say, "void time stop" is a cheating program that has no need to exist because other tools can delay packets already. Now we get to the meat of the trainwreck: a list of "code languages" 😐

The following thoughts went through my head, in this order:

  • Why is it "code languages"
  • Why is there a trailing space on Batch
  • HTML is not a programming language
  • SQL is... barely a programming language? ish?
  • Why are there no spaces trailing any comma but the first
  • Who spells Ruby as "rubey"
  • rubey dot java?

It gets worse the longer you look.

Suddenly, I was awoken from my sleep by a ping. Just kidding, I don't sleep.

Assume all images from now on are discord messages. mr.time says "tell me how html is not a coding language
For more Sonyrobat content, see the bagel post.

This is, not the first time I have seen someone call HTML a programming language, and I can at the very least understand the misconception.

9021007 says "Why tf does everyone think HTML is a programming language"

Apparently, that's somehow different from a coding language according to this person.

mr.time says "never said programming language i said coding language"


screenshot of Wikipedia in which it redirects from Coding language to programing language

Well apparently anything that I type when coding is a coding language. If I open a txt file in Visual Studio Code, does that make English a programming language?

mr.time says "yes it is a coding language well its a coding language right when use html you have to code so"
Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

After some arguing, I brought up his spelling of "Ruby", at which point he corrects me with the same way that I typed it.

in response to message from 9021007, "That's a lotta talk coming from someone who claims to know ruby but can't spell it right", mr. time says "u think thats how ruby is spell", with attached screenshot of google results for the ruby website

And yet when I bring it up with him, it's "ok and what about it"

9021007 says "You have 'rubey' in your bio", mr.time says "ur a skid stfu u cant read why would i want listen to you", "ok and what about it"
someone here can't read

Sonyrobat then brought up the timestop program he had in his bio, at which point he tried to claim that it wasn't cheating...

mr.time says "lag switching is not cheating"

Why do I even bother?

mr.time says "law switxhing is more like an exploit", 9021007 replies "is this guy reading their own messages before they send them"

At this time, he DMed MY FRIEND to ask them if THEY knew what CSS was, as though that was a diss on me...

mr.time says "idk 9201007 your friend dont even know what css stands for", attached image which is screenshot of DM with person saying "whats CSS"

prompting the expected replies...

avery says "what do their friends have to do with this lil bro", mr.time replies "dont call me lil bro u smell but head". His message has a bunch of skull emoji reactions. avery says "bro learn how to spell first". 9021007 replies to mr.time, "How did you misspell butt"
9021007 says "it feels like im arguing with wheatley rn"

Chat then became a uhhhh code mesasuring contest where everyone was sending the stuff they had made

mr.time says "hear mmmm tell me what kinda os have you made"

Cue avery posting her incredible Rust-based OS

90201007 replies, "Avery, yapping time". Avery also replies, "https://github.com/midas-os/MidAS-rs"
Clickable link

At which point mr.time blasted it for not having a GUI:

mr.time says "YOU CALL THAT AN OS"
mr.time says "thats like a terminal with basic shit"
mr.time says "where the ui"

this, of course, prompts the obvious.

9021007 replies "bro has NEVER heard of a server", mr.time replies with skull emoji, 9021007 says "FAKE OS that NOBODY uses (link to ubuntu server) because NO GUI"

After he questioned if I knew what Ubuntu Server was, he was asked for his GitHub.

mr.time says "do you even know what is that", 9021007 says "yes, i have multiple instances of it running"
9021007 says "mr.time drop your gh", avery drops her github, mr.time replies "I don't do github"
clickable link

We, of course, were initially naive enough to think that it was a matter of platform, and not a complete lack of git.

mr.time says "i dont do github", avery and 9021007 ask what other platform is used, both suggesting gitlab

After some thought, I finally knew the kind of person I was dealing with, and dropped a bomb.

avery says "na bro i dun use git i use skibidi-code-control", 9021007 replies "honestly i assume he has no code control", "wait hang on", "mr.time what are your pronouns"

The bomb landed perfectly.

I don't have a screenshot of this, but he called us call faggots, causing him to be timed out by the moderators, leaving us to be peaceful, and we lived happily ever after. Until he sent a friend request.

screenshot of friend request from mr.time

(Disney XD voice) The trainwreck continues... now back to slurs in my DMs

9021007 says, "what are your pronons, by the way?", mr.time replies, "like was going to say im not a gay faggot un like some ppl in that server", "looks like rec room dont like ppl calling the LGBTQ a faggot"

After some more slurs, he pretended to hack the Rec Room website... and failed... with me correcting his spelling the whole time

mr.time says "step 3 find a right ip address to there site", 9021007 replies "their", "an", mr.time says "step 4 see what kind method there site is block by", 9021007 replies "their", "blocked"

The entire time it becomes more and more obvious that this person has no idea what they are doing.

mr.time says "if its udp the site is off, tcp maybe, https eh long shot", 9021007 says "bro does NOT know how ports work"
mr.tim says "well there payloads are running all right", 9021007 replies "there", mr.time says "there ip adres to their site is", 9021007 replies "their", "their", mr.time says "u think type their is going make me type their", 9021007 replies "you", "to"

He then points out the IP in my bio

mr.time says "may i ask whats this goofy shit in ur bio,", 9021007 says "thats my ip, if you knew how to read you would know what an IP is"

I was then informed that my IP was fake.

mr.time says "ik", "thats a fake ip", 9021007 says "no it's not lol", mr.time says "ik ur sped but not that sped to post it in your bio", 9021007 replies "that's my real ip", mr.time says "why u lie", "its not", "an ip does not start 24.24", 9021007 sends an image of a duckduckgo search for "my ip" with the ip address as the result
who above the age of 9 calls someone "sped"

He then asked me to send an ipconfig screenshot, as though that would send my public IP...

My brain hurt, but I dutifully did as I was told... on my Mac laptop

mr.time says "then open cmd type in ipconfig and send me a screen shot", 9021007 says "go to school lil bro", 9021007 replies to mr.time with a screenshot of a terminal. The terminal displays "usage: ipconfig <command> <args> where <command> is one of waitall, getifaddr, ifcount, getoption, getiflist, getsummary, getpacket, getv6packet, getra, set, setverbose"

He, of course, cannot tell that it is a Mac and thinks I am on Linux 🤦

mr.time says "ok ur on a linux os", "well what ever", 9021007 replies "bro CANNOT see with eyes"

What would you call the opposite of clarity?
Well whatever that is, he had a moment of it, and in that moment, he sent his own ipconfig screenshot.

mr.time sends a screenshot of ipconfig, with default gateway blurred out. 9021007 says "bro really his his default gateway"

After much bickering, I sent a screen recording of me checking my IP.

9021007 says "???", "happy now?", attached video, thumbnail is duckduckgo. mr.time says "idc", 9021007 says "well im sorry i thought it was a "fake ip" and that "an ip does not start 24.24" and that it was a "nice vpn"", "that's a lotta talk from someone who doesn't know how to spell Ruby and thinks that HTML and JSON are coding languages", mr.time replies, "u do know json is a coding language"

Here we go again.

9021007 replies "it's not.", "how the hell is JSON a coding language", mr.time says "pls google it", 9021007 says "JavaScript Object Notation", "...is not a coding language", attached screenshot of Wikipedia article for JSON

Then he tried guessing my location... poorly

mr.time says "i thought u said u have scool", 9021007 "when did i say that", "it's who tf has school at 4:45am", mr.time says "bv" to "go to school lil bro", 9021007 replies "i was telling YOU to go to school", mr.time replies "lol western mf here", "u most likely live in AZ", 9021007 says "you have my IP how tf did you manage to guess 500 miles off", "my god you are stupid"
if you spell "school" as "scool", please grow above the age of 5

This shit went on and on, and I'm not going to bore you any longer.

People like this can be dangerous. They don't know enough to know how networks work, or what JSON means, or how to tell apart a screenshot from MacOS or any Linux DE. What they do know is how to cobble stuff together to get what they want. It's just at the start of the Dunning-Kruger Effect where people don't know very much, but think they know a lot. It's a serious level of overconfidence that leads people do dumb things. I've written about this effect before in another blog post. The difference here is that the person from that post was limited in knowledge because of the situation that their school district placed them in by restricting their Chromebook. In this case, this person has the world as their oyster, and yet here they are, censoring their default gateway and for some reason consenting to be shown in a blog post.

With the previous post, I could quite clearly pin this on a singular cause, and make a call to action for anyone reading who may be a school sysadmin. In this case, I can't quite do it. I am curious what kind of echo chamber this person came from, in which the people there affirmed his "high" skill level and blatant homophobia. A part of me feels sorry for him. He clearly is passionate about computers, and a curiosity in them is a great thing to have. All it would take is a bit of compassionate mentoring from someone more competent. If his school offers a computer class, he should definitely sign up, or even just talk with the teacher during their office hours. It really wouldn't take that much work to teach this person a bit more. I won't do it for a couple of reasons. First, I would prefer not to deal with transphobic people. Second, he blocked me. I wonder why.

Update 2024/4/26:
Looks like he read the blog post. Haiiii 👋.

screenshot of discord bio for mr. time, "Creator of void time stop  -------------------------- {code languages} SQL,C++,python,rust,ruby.java,C#.C,Batch Lag Switch maker"

Maybe he finally realized that JSON is not, in fact, a coding language. What he did not do, however, is fix the rest of the mistakes in his bio.

  • ruby.java
  • C#.C
  • No trailing space after each comma
  • Lag Switch is not a proper noun
  • "code languages"
  • Void Time Stop is a proper noun

Also, I had a look at your "project void" thing.

  • The parent folder should be renamed from "raudome stuff" to "random stuff"
  • The project folder should be renamed from "PROJECT void domin" to "PROJECT void domain"
  • Why is it in "New Folder (2)"
  • You have an error on line 4 of tamper.c

and please stop selling a basic python course of "just the basic [sic]" for $27.